Sunday, May 22, 2011

Barnes & Nobles American Girl Demo

I started with 3x8 inches of cotton fabric,
made channels at either ends with the sewing machine.  Then I had the little girls sew the side edges with yarn and a blunt end large needle.  I was amazed that a young girl of 4 was able to do quite a good job.  I cut twenty five of these for the girls to sew by themselves.  then I went to extra mile........

I cut an additonal  25 of these and sewed them up, placed som decorations on the front, as seen on both of these.  then I proceeded to insert narrow satin ribbon, as can be seen on the left side of the top picture.....

The finished product.  I gave each of the girls one of these to take home as a job well done.  They were quite excited about them.  and they all chose the same fabric purse as the one they had been working on.  I had an hour for the demonstration. 

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